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Will there be a 2011 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) enacted is the question on the minds of many leaders in the field of water and land resources development? During our Washington trip in March 2011, Congressional members were optimistic that there could be an Act passed this year if consensus could be reached on the definition of an “earmark”. However, the self-imposed ban on “earmarks” along with major proposed reductions in Congressional spending will likely make it difficult to complete.  

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has requested input for a 2011 WRDA. ORVA has submitted information to Senators Vitter and Landrieu of Louisiana in response to their request. We have four priority items requiring action through a WRDA:

1-Authorization of bank stabilization as a project purpose of the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Project

2-Modification of WRDA 2007 to include the entire Ouachita River Levees Project as a component of the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project

3-Authorization of the Ouachita River Watershed, AR and LA Study

4-Authorization of the lower 14,000' of Little River as a component of the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Project .  

ORVA encourages its members and stakeholders to strongly support the development of a WRDA in 2011.